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信奉文字書寫、美食美酒,與古典樂,外文所畢業後兩年不到,便一頭栽進葡萄酒的花花世界。曾於《Decanter 品醇客》與《LE PAN 朗潘》等國內外專業葡萄酒雜誌擔任多年文字記者、編輯與翻譯,並於葡萄酒商務網站「iCheers 愛酒窩」擔任多年網站編輯。現為自由工作者,專事葡萄酒口筆譯,並育有一對活蹦亂跳的四歲龍鳳胎,同時攻讀英國葡萄酒與烈酒教育基金會(Wine and Spirit Education Trust)Diploma認證……(有時間的話)。

*《Decanter 品醇客》資深編輯 / 採訪記者
*「iCheers 愛酒窩」網站編輯
*《LE PAN 朗潘》中文版編輯 / 駐臺灣記者 / 翻譯經理
*「品迷網 WINE&TASTE」專欄作家
*《Whisky Magazine國際中文版》特約翻譯
* 2015、2016、2017台北國際酒展 / 品酒嘉年華評審
*「2016澳州Langton Classification大師講堂」、「2018多采多姿羅亞爾河大師講堂」即席口譯
* 城邦集團積木出版社特約編輯與翻譯,譯有《自然酒》、《看圖學酒》、《33杯酒喝遍法國》、《葡萄品種全書》、《37杯酒喝遍義大利》、《Wine Folly 看圖精通葡萄酒》等書籍

* 撰文
* 實體刊物與網站架設&編輯
* 中英文筆譯
* 中英文隨行口譯
* 葡萄酒展主持
* 葡萄酒教育訓練

Born and raised in Taipei, Emily started her wine career as the youngest senior wine editor/journalist of Decanter Traditional Chinese Edition. She has years of experience in writing and translating wine articles, as well as tasing wines of all regions and varieties. Her works are seen in every issue of Decanter Traditional Chinese Edition since on board, and throughout major printed media in Taiwan. She was the website editor of iCheers in Taipei, then moved onto to work as a correspondent and translation manager at Le Pan of Hong Kong.

Emily is now a full-time wine writer, translator, and mothers a set of three-year-old twins. She welcomes freelance assignments of writing, translation, and copy editing. Emily has a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and is currently studying for WSET Diploma.

Email pycemily@gmail.com
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